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Types of Massage. types of massage

Types Of Massage

Therapeutic / Swedish Massage
A revitalising and relaxing treatment that may improve the circulation of your blood and lymphatic drainage, aiding in the elimination of toxins that accumulate in the muscles causing aching and stiffness . The body's soft tissues are manipulated with gentle, flowing hand techniques that use varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements. General lethargy may be relieved by this massage; your skin may feel softened and nourished and your muscles may feel stimulated and loosened.

Deep Tissue Massage
A remedial treatment which focuses on relieving muscle pain which is more chronic, or due to injury, and affects the everyday quality of your life. Massage techniques focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, using slow strokes and deep finger pressure on contracted areas, relieving pain as well as boosting general circulation, improving blood and lymph flow, eliminating toxins and flushing away lactic acid. They may also help to break up and eliminate scar tissue. As deep tissue massage usually focuses on more specific areas, it may cause some soreness during or after the massage, but the pain should go after a day or two and you should feel much better! Great if you regularly exercise and / or train for specific sporting events.

Pregnancy Massage
Massage during pregnancy is therapeutic bodywork which focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience. Massage therapy may enhance the function of muscles and joints, improve circulation and general body tone, relieve aches and pains as well as mental and physical fatigue. It prepares the mother for the birthing experience and may help ease any anxiety or nervousness about the birth. It may also be used during the labour itself to ease pain and tension.

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